Dispatch Qualifications

In general, the minimum qualifications to apply for an entry-level dispatch position are:

Education High School or Equivalent
Experience  Two years as a non-emergency dispatcher or a radio operator, or any work experience that includes significant contact with the public, such as a welfare eligibility worker or interviewer, counter or rental clerk, bill or account collector, credit checker, answering service call taker, receptionist, or travel clerk.


Experience  One year in the emergency telecommunication field, or as an emergency dispatcher or telecommunicator. 

Certification by the E-911 Board may be required within six months of entry into the job.

All candidates must pass a security clearance conducted by the Department of Public Safety, including a motor vehicle and criminal background check.


Complete Job Specifications are available through the Vermont Department of Human Resources:

Emergency Communication Dispatcher 1: Job Specification
Emergency Communication Dispatcher 2: Job Specification
Emergency Communication Dispatch Supervisor: Job Specification