Rutland Barracks

The Rutland VSP barracksThe Vermont State Police, Rutland Office, provides police services to the residents and visitors of Rutland County. Rutland County consists of 27 towns and 1 city that covers a span of 932 square miles with a population base of 63,641 full time residents. This does not include the seasonal residents that are attracted to the area for fall and winter recreation activities (site seeing, hunting and skiing). Killington ski area located in Killington, Rutland County, is the largest ski area in the northeast and sees a dramatic population boom starting in the fall and returning to normal in the spring. The Rutland Office provides full time police services to 24 of the 27 towns and one city in Rutland County. Rutland City, Brandon, Castleton and Fair Haven all have full time police departments and handle most of the calls for service that are generated within their respective towns/city. However, we offer support and state resources to these agencies when they are faced with a critical incident.

The Rutland Office has a Satellite office in Fair Haven, which is responsible for covering the towns of Benson, Wells, Hubardton, Poultney, West Haven, Sudbury and Pawlet. The town of Poultney has a town contract with the Rutland Office to provide additional police coverage during the week.

Rutland countyThe Troopers primary missions are to make the roads safe for the traveling public through aggressive traffic enforcement operations and education; to deter and investigate property and drug related crimes through criminal interdiction efforts and to strictly enforce domestic violence, sexual assaults and personal injury laws.

The Rutland Office Uniform Division has an authorized complement of 20 Patrol Troopers, 4 Patrol Commanders, 2 Auxiliary Troopers (part time), 2 Administrative Clerks and 1 Station Commander.


Lt Chuck CacciatoreThe Rutland station & Castleton Outpost are commanded by:

Lieutenant Chuck Cacciatore
Rutland Station Commander
124 State Place
Rutland, VT 05701-9332
Tel: 802-773-9101