Vermont Intelligence Center

The mission of the Vermont Intelligence Center (VIC)  is to collect, analyze, and disseminate intelligence information in an effort to identify, investigate, and prevent criminal activity and protect the citizens and critical infrastructures vital to our society.  

The Vermont Intelligence Center is a state-of-the-art analytical center. VIC maintains continuous liaison and coordination with diverse homeland security organizations, other states, regional operational watch centers, national intelligence community organizations and activities.

Through a collaborative effort, the Vermont Intelligence Center seeks to advance the efficient, timely and accurate exchange of information between all of its law enforcement partners, at all levels of law enforcement while safeguarding the rights and privacy of all citizens. VIC is located at the Law Enforcement Support Center in Williston, Vermont.        

The Vermont Intelligence Center also works in close partnership with the FBI, New England State Police Information Network, New England HIDTA Regional Intelligence Center, the Upstate New York Regional Intelligence Center, the Federal Intelligence Working Group, and the Quebec Provincial Police. It strives to examine all aspects of criminal activity tied to, and found within the State of Vermont. 

The Vermont Intelligence Center‘s priority is to have positive interactions with all law enforcement agencies exchanging intelligence throughout the state, the country, and the world. It serves as Vermont’s comprehensive criminal intelligence center to assist all law enforcement with criminal and counterterrorism investigations and operations.

Statewide programs such as Amber Alert and the Vermont Missing Persons database are also coordinated at VIC. VIC assists the Vermont State Police Command Staff with the implementation of a Data Driven Approach To Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS) by utilizing state-of-the-art crime mapping tools.

New to the Center is a Traffic Analyst whose focus is on analyzing traffic related incidents such as, motor vehicle crashes and motor vehicle offenses.  The analysis is shared with the law enforcement community throughout the state as well as our partners at the Vermont Highway Safety Alliance which engages highway safety stakeholders representing the “Four E’s” of highway safety: Enforcement, Education, Engineering and Emergency Medical Services. 

Lt. Kevin Lane

The Director of the Vermont Intelligence Center is:

Lieutenant Kevin Lane
Vermont Intelligence Center
Law Enforcement Support Center
Williston, VT 



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