Support Services

The Support Services Division is commanded by Major William Sheets, who also serves as the department's Executive Officer.  The division provides the support, planning and infrastructure necessary for the department and assesses needs to keep each division operational.

The Support Services Division oversees the Office of Fair and Impartial Policing and Community Affairs, Technology Management, Public Information, Emergency Communication Centers and Fleet Services.  The Support Services Division also oversees the department's Staff Operations Section, which encompasses recruitment and training, internal affairs, professional standards and alarms

The Support Services Division oversees the command of two Emergency Communication Centers that provide dispatch and 911 services throughout Vermont.

The Support Services Division oversees the command of the Office of Technology Management, which maintains the department’s computer network, including the mobile data computers in many of the marked cruisers, as well as several other technologies utilized by the department.

The Support Services Division oversees the command of Fleet Services which is responsible for the care and maintenance of the department’s motor vehicle fleet.

Staff Operations Section

Staff Operations oversees several operational functions of the department, within the Support Services Division.  These functions include the Office of Professional Development/Training Division, the Internal Affairs Unit, the Professional Standards Unit, and the alarms program. 

•             The Office of Professional Development/Training Division is responsible for the recruitment, selection and training of new troopers, as well as the continuing training of our current force. 

•             The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for assuring that the Vermont State Police uphold the expected conduct standards in order to preserve the trust of the citizens we serve.

•             The Professional Standards Unit is responsible for systematically conducting internal reviews and assessments of agency policies and procedures.

•             The Alarms Program administers the Vermont State Police alarm response policy.


Support Service Division Commander

The Support Services Division is commanded by Major William Sheets.  Major Sheets can be reached through VSP Headquarters:

Vermont State Police Headquarters
45 State Drive
Waterbury, VT 05671-1300
Telephone - 802-244-8781