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Alarm Registration

Since the incidence of false alarms is high, and our response comes from a widespread area, it is important that each alarm is responded to based on information we have on the alarm and on the false alarm record of the alarm site.

Link to download alarm registration form

Alarms are installed to protect residential and business properties and responding to those properties will continue to be a service offered by the State Police. By enforcing these procedures we hope to limit our response to those where it is likely that a criminal offense or emergency is occurring.

If you have any questions about alarm response, please email the VSP Alarm Coordinator or call 802-241-5397.

Alarm Registration

We require that all alarm holders within the VSP coverage area be registered with us. You will also need to pay the annual fee of $50.00, in accordance with statute Title 20, VSA, § 1871 (e)(3).

You must register your alarm only if:

  • Your property is within the VSP coverage area and you want the Vermont State Police to respond to burglary alarms. (In this instance you are required to pay the registration fee.)
  • You live in a town where the Vermont State Police provide after-hours or back-up coverage so that we have accurate information. (In this instance you are not required to pay the registration fee.)

Note: If there is a verified emergency at your house/business, the VSP will respond whether or not you have registered your alarm.

Alarm Process

Once the registration form and fee is received and the information is entered into our software program, an “alarm number” is assigned to each property.

If an alarm is unfounded, we will notify you based on the information provided on the registration form.

False Alarms

False alarms are considered by police officers to be one of the most serious problems in law enforcement. Notification will be made to the property owner for any false alarms and fees will be assessed as specified under 20 VSA § 1871 9(f)(3):

  • 1st False Alarm - No charge
  • 2nd False Alarm - $50
  • 3rd False Alarm - $75

Note: All false alarm fees must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date to avoid being placed in non-response mode.

Non-Response Mode

After three (3) false alarms per calendar year, your alarm will be placed in non-response mode.

If you want to have the Vermont State Police begin responding again, you must comply with our reinstatement policy. Your alarm will remain in non-response mode until compliance with the reinstatement policy is met.

Reinstatement Policy

An account, whose burglary alarm response by the Vermont State Police (VSP) has been suspended, may have alarm response reinstated by completing the criteria listed below.

  1. The Alarm Installation/Service Company or Dealer must completely test and inspect the entire system, including transmitting all burglary zones within the alarm system at the premise to the Monitoring Central Station to validate that they function correctly. Please indicate on the Reinstatement Application, all service or repairs completed.
  2. The Alarm Installation/Service Company or Dealer will provide any necessary training and education to the property owner. The property owner is responsible for the training and education of all users of the alarm system. Education should include proper use of alarm system as well as the importance of false alarm reduction.
  3. The property owner must pay any outstanding fees and fines for Alarm Registration and past false alarms.
  4. The property must be free from any alarms requiring a police dispatch for a 60-day Probationary Period. If, however, the homeowner believes a crime to be occurring, instruct the Monitoring Central Station to dispatch the VSP immediately or call 911. During this 60-day probationary period, the Monitoring Central Station must document all burglary alarm activity including arming/disarming signals. If during the Probationary Period, the Monitoring Central Station receives a burglary alarm signal, calls the premises and:
    • the phone is not answered, OR
    • the person answering does not have a valid access code or other acceptable form if identification on file with the Monitoring Central Station, OR
    • no one can be reached to validate the burglary alarm signal, the 60 day Probationary Period will begin again.
    • If the property was unable to be “false alarm free” for the 60-day Probationary Period, they will have the opportunity to try again. The property owner may make as many attempts as necessary to obtain a contiguous 60-day period without false alarms.
  5. The property owner must complete and submit the Reinstatement Application to the VSP for review. After the VSP reviews the application, they will notify the property owner and Alarm Installation/Service Company of their decision for reinstatement. If reinstatement is granted, the property will be placed in response mode as of the date stated in the notification.