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Minimum Fitness Standards for Recruits

A mandatory physical assessment program is an integral part of the hiring process, as well as part of your career with the Vermont State Police. The standards are based on a minimum assessment rating at the 50 percentile. Our assessment measures the following areas:

  • 1.5 mile run on an outdoor course
  • 500-meter row on a Concept 2 Rower with a damper setting of (5)
  • A push-up, sit-up and bench press assessment based upon maximum effort

Concept 2 Rowers are an effective tool to assist you in achieving high levels of cardiorespiratory fitness. Concept 2 Rowers actively engage both hemispheres of the body (upper and lower body) and do not place any impact on joints.

In order to row effectively, correct form must be used, as demonstrated in this video:

Fitness standards and guidelines for Vermont have been developed in collaboration with the Texas Department of Public Safety who offers helpful resources including a series of training videos as well as a physical fitness plan to ensure applicants are adequately prepared.

Successful candidates must pass the fitness evaluation at 50% based on standardized norms.  Please use the below chart to determine your rowing requirements based on your age.

Row Requirements

In addition to the rowing standards, use the below charts to determine the minimum standards for the 1.5-mile run. The requirements are based upon age and gender and Vermont State Police require a minimum assessment of 50%.

Run Requirements-Male
Run Requirements-Female

Candidates will also undergo a fitness assessment, consisting of push-ups, sit-ups, and a bench press.  These results are taken as a fitness benchmark, and not as a pass/fail test. You can view demonstrations of these events below. The assessment is evaluated on maximum effort.



Bench Press: