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Firearms Storage Program

The 2014 Vermont General Assembly passed Act 191 and  was subsequently signed by the Honorable Peter Shumlin creating the provisions for the relinquishment and storage of firearms, ammunition and weapons when a court orders such relinquishment as part of a relief from abuse order.

Relinquishment and Storage of Firearms

The statutory provisions of T. 20 § 2307 as passed by both the House and Senate can be found at:

The Department of Public Safety has created guidelines and a certification form establishing the standards and guidelines to carry out the provisions associated with qualified storage locations.

Any law enforcement agency may become a cooperating law enforcement agency for the purposes of being a qualified storage location. They may be designated a storage location for those individuals living within their jurisdictions or they may wish to be considered a storage location for owners outside of their jurisdictions.  Below is the current list of licensed firearm storage facilities:

  • Hawk Hill Gun Shop                          590 Franklin, Brandon, VT                                         Expiration 08/10/2022
  • AGC Arms LLC                                  1046 Shaftsbury Hollow Road, Shaftsbury, VT          Expiration 10/26/2022
  • R & L Archery                                    70 Smith Street, Barre, VT                                         Expiration 10/26/2022

Any federally licensed firearms dealer may also become a qualified storage location.

Both law enforcement agencies and federally licensed firearms dealers should become familiar with the guidelines and complete the compliance form if they would like to be considered to be a qualified storage location. Once the form is received and the agency or business is approved they will be placed on a list of approved storage locations. The form should be returned to the following address.

Vermont Department of Public Safety
Firearms Storage Program
45 State Drive
Waterbury, VT 05671