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Bureau of Criminal Investigations

Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) detectives primarily are responsible for the investigation of criminal offenses to include all death investigations, sexual assaults, child sex crimes, robberies, embezzlements, fire investigations, missing persons and other serious crimes. BCI detectives conduct all background investigations for state police applicants. BCI detectives also are involved with all investigations conducted by the Major Crime Unit (MCU).   

The Bureau of Criminal Investigations is overseen by Capt. Scott Dunlap. Four detective lieutenants supervise the four BCI districts statewide. Detectives are assigned to one of the 10 state police barracks and routinely work with troopers in the Field Force Division. Some detectives are assigned to special investigation units whose primary responsibility is to investigate cases of sexual assault and severe child abuse. The detectives assigned to these units work closely with other law enforcement agencies as well as victim advocates, state’s attorneys and child advocacy centers.   

Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit detectives are responsible for determining the origin and cause of fires. Detectives conduct criminal investigations on fires ruled as being “incendiary” or that result in serious injury or death. Detectives work closely with fire investigators from the Division of Fire Safety and fire departments throughout the state.  

Also within the Bureau of Criminal Investigations is the Vermont Intelligence Center, a state-wide collaborative program designed to collect, analyze, and disseminate intelligence information and identify patterns and indicators of criminal and terrorism-related activity.

Detectives initially are selected from the Field Force Division. When a detective position becomes available, interested troopers participate in a voluntary selection process requesting to transfer into the Criminal Division. Every detective within BCI receives specialized training in order to conduct investigations.    

In addition to their primary responsibilities, many BCI detectives also are members of state police special teams and receive additional training to be on those teams.

Chief Criminal Investigator - Bureau of Criminal Investigations

Captain DunlapCaptain Scott Dunlap
Chief Criminal Investigator
Vermont State Police Headquarters
45 State Drive
Waterbury, VT 05671