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Crash Reconstruction Team

Crash Reconstruction Team at workThe Vermont State Police Crash Reconstruction Team is made up of troopers and sergeants throughout the state. They are available on request to assist other troopers or other police agencies with serious crash investigations.

They are equipped regionally with five Total Stations (survey type equipment) and advanced diagramming software, and they have the capability to obtain electronic data from a vehicle’s airbag restraint system modules. The team also is outfitted with four small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) that can take aerial scale photos and document measurements at scenes. The efficiency of the program and photography systems greatly reduce the time needed to keep roadways closed while investigating crashes. From this information, computer-generated scale diagrams and simulations can be created. This enables team members to determine sequences of events, fault, and calculate speeds when possible. 

CRT at workCRT members must have completed the crash investigation course taught in the basic academy, and the At Scene Investigation class (80 hours) after the academy, to be considered for the team. Once on the team, the new member is sent to 80 hours of Advanced Crash Investigation and 80 hours of Crash Reconstruction. Beyond that, team members may choose to specialize in pedestrian/ bicycle reconstruction, motorcycle reconstruction, commercial vehicle crash reconstruction or other specialties in addition to sUAS piloting opportunities. 

CRT is one of the most active special teams in the state, and responds to more than 55 serious injury or fatal crashes every year.  

Our mission is to assist VSP and other law-enforcement agencies in the investigation and reconstruction of motor vehicle crashes that result in serious bodily injuries or fatalities.



Crash Reconstruction Team Commander

Lieutenant Owen BallingerLieutenant Owen Ballinger
Vermont State Police Headquarters
Waterbury, VT 05671